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Pilates Testimonials

Phillip Gill

Before I started working out with Bruno and The Body Alchemist team, a series of small injuries had added up to a big problem. I had given up on the gym and most other forms of physical exercise as too painful and off the mark. After one session Bruno knew instinctively, almost supernaturally what was wrong with me before I could tell him and then he devised a Pilates exercise regimen to address my needs. In less than two months of regular sessions with Bruno and his staff, I felt better than I had in years!

Valentina Losavio

I was born with severe scoliosis that affected the lower part of my back and have suffered back pain ever since I was a teenager. Following many years of professional dancing I started training with Bruno 2 years ago. After only 3 or 4 weeks of Pilates the back pain completely disappeared. My muscle tone and strength have improved tremendously. I am in a better shape than I was 15 years ago. I highly recommend it!

Lencola Shipp

Pilates has done so much to enhance my life. Daily tasks have become easier, I no longer have cold hands and feet because of increased circulation, and I can hold notes longer when I sing due to the breathing techniques. Each year I enjoy snowboarding and thanks to Pilates I can maintain my balance when going down the slopes. Turns are easier and my speed is starting to pick up!

Kellie Freeborn

Working at the Body Alchemist has given me the abs I have always wanted, made me stronger, toned and comfortable with my body image. They helped me stay in shape when I broke my leg and work through rehabilitation. Classes are challenging but fun; private classes give you a chance to perfect your Pilates’ technique. The studio is friendly; all the teachers make you feel welcome, once you begin you want to keep coming back for more!