The Body Alchemist teaches authentic Pilates in the style of a traditional apprenticeship. The Body...
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The Pilates exercise technique is a set of principles, corrective exercises, and specialized...

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Pilates for Men

Many people assume that Pilates is strictly for women; that’s completely false! Pilates was actually created by a man, named Joseph Pilates. Many trained athletes and celebrities such as Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, mega marathon runner George Chmiel, Alec Baldwin, and John Stamos have said that Pilates has helped strengthen their bodies and changes their lives.

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Pilates health and sex benefits

When you first think of Pilates, your first thought is of all the benefits that comes with it. Such as, stronger muscles, leaner body, better posture, and more focus. But here is a new one to add to that list.

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Ex ballet dancer shares system that gave her life back

A DECADE ago, her dreams of becoming a classical ballet dancer were shattered by a rare muscle weakening disease.

However, having thought she would never dance again, Rhona MacLean is back on her feet.

The Morningside ballerina was struck with fatigue, double vision, slurred speech and droopy eyes aged just 21, and subsequently diagnosed with myasthenia gravis.

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